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Robert Nickola’s studio is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Studio visits can be arranged in advance, pending availability.

Phone: (630) 220-8605


You may also contact Robert via the contact form here.



The relationship between a painting and its frame are critical to the successful display and enjoyment of the art. Material, construction, color and design all become factors in complimenting the painting. When a piece is displayed with a frame, it is intentional. Many of the frames shown were designed and constructed by the artist specifically for that piece. However, individual works can be purchased frameless, as well as an unframed piece can be framed per the buyer’s direction and budget.



A local shipping company, Art Delivery Service of Santa Fe, is typically utilized as they provide attention to detail and high quality service that transporting art requires. Works are wrapped in bubble wrap, placed in an internal cardboard enclosure, surrounded by two inches of foam, and placed in a larger shipping box. FedEx ground delivery is the preferred carrier, and the package is insured for the purchase price of the work.



Upon receiving a sale inquiry for a given piece, a firm price quote, based on the specific requirements for packaging, shipping, and insurance will be returned to the buyer via a PayPal invoice. Payment is then due in full via the PayPal link provided. Upon receipt of payment, the delivery process will begin, and a delivery date and tracking number will be forwarded to the buyer. The total process typically takes two to three weeks to complete.