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Frances K. Stockton

International Spiritualist Medium 
40+ years experience
working in spiritualist churches and private venues in the
USA (Phoenix, Aspen, Boulder), Europe, and all over the UK.

On the physical Earth, I was gifted with a family who encouraged the natural psychic abilities I/we are all born with. From an early age, my grandmother supported my perceptions and communications with Spirit World.

For over 30 years of adult life, my daily work was that of a freelance artist – day in and day out painting images that would come to me through thoughts and visions. This was my doorway to communicating with spirit on a higher level. When I encountered some personal losses, the doorway to the art world closed and the doorway to the spiritual world opened for in order to understand and cope with my loss, I heightened my communication skills over a span of 10 years by going to various colleges for psychic and spiritual studies, Trance, Crystal healing, etc. I dedicated my creative energy to helping others reconnect and overcome their grief.

It was during the later part of these years that my very dear friend and companion through life, my number one guide Chi Li, made herself known to me. I speak with Chi Li everyday for guidance.

Chi Li has taught me many things, as has another guide, Merlin (King Arthur’s seer and teacher), who for many years has shared his teachings and taught me to scry and read people’s Auras.

Scrying (also called seeing or peeping) is the practice of looking into a translucent ball or other material with the belief that things can be seen, such as spiritual visions, and for purposes of divination. Divination tools vary – crystal balls, reflective surfaces, Tarot cards, etc.

I have learned we all live in a constant flow of energy; this is our life force. We are all small streams of energy connected to a vast ocean of Universal Energy (scientists now acknowledge this to be FACT). They have called it the “Field”. Within the Universal Energy Field lies all our dreams-plans-hopes-fears-health-wealth-careers. The Field also connects us to the other realms. Our lives are stretched out before us like blank pages in a book just waiting to be filled, it’s all out there in the Field!

The last 35+ years of my life have been dedicated to working with the Field, and Spirit, discarnate and incarnate – to those we have lost. It’s all energy you see and energy cannot be destroyed. These energies still exist.


Arthur Finley College of Psychic & Spiritual Studies, Standstead Hall, Essex England.

  • Spiritual mediumship
  • Higher mediumship
  • Trance mediumship

Tre-ysgowan Hall Spiritual Retreat on the Isle of Anglesey North Wales.

  • Mediumship
  • Psychic Studies

    Private Classes

    • Mediumship with well known International Medium Diane Elliot (deceased) to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude.
    • Reiki I, Reiki II – USA
    • Crystal Healing – Worcestershire, UK

    Frances spent many years living and working in the energy of Glastonbury.

    “Her compassion, warmth and humor make her readings an unforgettable experience, while her accuracy is truly jaw-dropping.”
    SW, Santa Fe. NM

    Dear Frances, I stumbled across your link to a John Denver pin on Pinterest. I am very touched go listen to your recordings from spiritual conversations w/John Denver. I am a strong believer in your work and spirit & have great admiration for John. For his music & his life works & what he tried to achieve here on earth. I am intrigued with what he relays and what he sees. I want to stand up some how, in whatever form possible go help reverse or change the course of climate & ecological damage. To some how make a difference. Tell him that I feel that his actions made some difference when he was here. He is still very much loved by his fans here! He definitely touched my life. Thank you for your gift of channeling. I very much respect those w/ such a gift!

    How to book a reading

    Please book your reading in the following sequence:

    1) Contact Frances by email at franceskstockton@yahoo.co.uk using your primary email address or by phone: 01606 259871 or  07749 094408.

    2) You will be contacted by email within 24 hours with dates to choose from. Please respond to this email within 48 hours or those dates will be offered to others.

    3) Once your date has been confirmed, please go to the PayPal buttons below and make your payment within 24 hours.

    4) On the day of your reading, Frances will contact you by your prefered contact method –  Skype or Zoom (Readings are now only being offered online, in order to protect everyone’s health.)

    Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the client to have  Skype or  Zoom already setup and tested on their computer. Please send Frances your Skype contact name. Technical setup is the responsibility of the client, and any connectivity issues at the time of the reading may result in a non-refundable cancellation of the reading.

    Spiritual Readings

    £ 70

    Use this button if paying in US dollars.

    In booking you agree to the following cancellation policy:
    My responsibility: if for any reason I can’t fulfill my resposibility to you, a full refund will be offered, or a re-booking.

    Client responsibility: 72hr notice of cancellation -100% refund will be offered. 48hr notice of cancellation – 50% refund. Less than 48 hours of cancellation or no-show at time of reading –  no refund.

    Psychic Readings

    £ 45

    Use this button if paying in US dollars.

    In booking you agree to the following cancellation policy:
    My responsibility: if for any reason I can’t fulfill my resposibility to you, a full refund will be offered, or a re-booking.

    Client responsibility: 72hr notice of cancellation -100% refund will be offered. 48hr notice of cancellation – 50% refund. Less than 48 hours of cancellation or no-show at time of reading –  no refund.

    Spiritual Reading

    Spiritual readings are presented to the client via a medium who is making contact with a deceased soul. There are never any guarantees of who will come forward from the spiritual realms. The reason is because the person in spirit side must have the energy necessary to connect vibrationally with Frances, and the power to get the message across. Those that have passed recently may not have the skills to do that. But those that can and do come through are usually well informed of your circumstances. They are the most knowledgable and helpful to you at the time. Loved ones or guide, they all mean to help in the best possible way.

    Individual sittings are usually about 1 hour long. This depends on the energy levels of the person getting the reading, the medium and the abilities of the person in the spirit realm.

    If you want to try to connect to a specific deceased person and you are getting a reading face to face with Frances, it may help to bring an item of that person with you to the reading so that psychometry may be used to facilitate a connection. Usually jewelry is the best kind of object to bring.

    Readings are done in person at Frances’ home, or via skype. The client is responsible for recording the session. When booking a reading, Frances will require your full name and birthdate. If you have a new name (i.e. just married) please give Frances your birth name as well.

    “Yesterday was a day of thoughts for me after my reading with you Frances, past haunts of family troubles scrambled my mind, you helped me to see a little more clearly how to face the future! It took me a while to come and see you, glad now I did!!! Thank you see you again soon!”  — Richard

    “Frances has been reading for me now for a number of years, sometimes emotionally painful, often fun, always truthful! thank   you Frances.”  — Maggie, Somerset
    Psychic Readings

    Tarot, Crystal Ball, Rune Stones, Angel Cards, Pendulum & Rod dowsing, Automatic writing, etc. are all tools that can be used in psychic work, although none of the above actually give the reading. The reading comes through to the psychic from the clients own inner spirit/soul. These divination tools are just something to focus on while freeing up the mind.

    Scrying (looking into/onto a surface)

    Clairvoyants, Seers, Psychics, Shamans, Witches, Warlocks, Priests & Prophets alike through out the centuries have read and predicted history through scrying. Scrying tools including water, mirrors, psychometry & fire (pyromancy) can be used, anything that enables us to drift off into a different frequency like day dreaming.

    Tarot is Frances’ primary psychic reading tool, however other tools may be used.

    Email: franceskstockton@yahoo.co.uk

    Office: 01606 259871 Cell: 07749094408

    Skype: kathleen.stockton77

    Psychic & Spiritual Development Classes

    Spiritual mediumship is making contact with a higher power that’s not available through the normal five senses. Mediums serve as a channel for communication between the living and the dead, using the sixth sense. We all have the sixth sense should we choose to develop it.

    Developing this ability starts out much the same as for developing the psychic ability but deeper and more intense trust in the self and the higher power is needed here, through meditation and much dedication we are directed by spirit helpers- a guide- door keeper- Angels- Ascended Masters or deceased loved ones.

    Meditation is the key word here. The more you practice stilling the mind the more we can achieve. There are no boundaries(except in your own mind). The only way to describe this when working is that it’s like having a movie screen running behind the eyes or third eye in the center of the forehead.

    When this is occurring it’s very pleasant and not at all scary! Our guides will often show symbols to teach us what they are telling us. This is where hard work and dedication pay off. We need to learn what they mean as every symbol might mean something different to each individual. They will become unique to you so each time you are shown that particular symbol it will mean the same thing (a bit like learning short hand!) – unique to each one of us.

    Loose clothing is required. Each course is 6 weeks – 2 hours per week – a minimum of 6 people is required with no maximum. This amount is needed to assist with raising the energy levels,(think how warm a room gets the more people that are in it). Much is taught on this course. Too much to mention here. I’m told by my students the class was very exciting and fun with laughter mixed in!

    Prices and details for all courses on inquiry.

    Demonstrations & Special Events

    Many people would like to experience Frances’ work and find a group reading with friends and family a wonderful introduction to spiritual mediumship. Demonstation and group readings are available upon request. A minimum of 6 people with no maximum ! The more people there are, the higher the energy and the more information will come through.

    The group demonstration experience is light, fun, and entertaining. It lasts about 2 hours and as many people as possible will be receiving messages from spirit during that period of time.

    Examples of group reading would be private parties, hen parties, family gatherings, birthday parties, reunions.

    Frances is happy to travel to the venue of your choice within a 25 miles radius. Please call for more details and pricing. All travel expenses will be included in the event quote.

    Spiritual Healing

    This is a more subtle energy directed into the patient by using the hands or crystals, crystals contain DNA like the human body so when aliened in the correct order around the patient subtle energies flow in positive order and is being directed in to the patient to stimulate the bodies own self healing. It is not necessary to be a believer in any spiritual denomination, but it’s a barrier broken down if faith of some kind is held during the process.

    Clearing Spaces, Ghost Investigation

    The need to clear space may occur anywhere, in homes, office building, or outside. When a disencarnated person is close by you would often feel a tingling sensation or cold/hot spot in the area. Foul smells indicate a possible spirit presence as well. Some times these spirits need to be encouraged to depart. This is where a medium or exorcist is required to assist. With their spirit helpers and some times family members present, the soul can be safely collected into the spiritual realms. This work is often called soul retrieval or soul rescue.

    It’s difficult because a boisterous teenager as they are building their character/Auric layers around them, can attract negative entities around and within themselves. Think how the home feels when arguments are constant, bad feeling linger, the home can and does hold these feelings like a fly caught in a spiders web. It feels like ploughing through treacle the intensity is so heavy, and then when all is well something has been lifted and its breathe easy time.

    For clearing many things are used but the main ones are always prayers- candles-salt-garlic-incenses-water-burning herbs. These are some of the smells that re un-liked by many entities. It may take an hour or several before the spirit leaves, but souls from the higher realms are always there waiting to accompany them across when they do decide to leave.

    This should not be attempted unless you know what your doing! And as with any of the work mentioned, no consumption of alcohol prior to workshops-healing-clearing of spaces is allowed. This changes your chemistry leaving yourself open to negativity.

    Gift Certificate

    If you’d like to gift someone with a reading with Frances, click on the gift certificate and print it. Call or email Frances to let her know and she will give you an authorization code to put on the certificate. Choose a spiritual or psychic reading. And have your friend present this to Frances at the time of the reading, if in person – or have the auth code handy if the reading is via Skype. Please note: The gift certificate expires 6 months after the purchase date.

    John Denver

    © Sue Winters – All Rights Reserved

    Messages from Spirit

    In 1999 Frances had the pleasure of meeting John Denver during a spiritual reading for an associate of his.

    Thus began ongoing conversations with John over the years about his life on the other side, concerns and love for his family, children, and friends. He has shared how his music has evolved. He has shared his passionate concern for the health of the planet. He is acutely aware of the issues in play, political and economical, that has almost rendered a complete stalemate against creating a sustainable future. He continues his love and work with the wild animals of the planet.

    Over the years Frances has developed a deep spiritual relationship with John and is eternally grateful to him for sharing so much of himself and his understandings with us all. It was largely John’s desire to communicate with folks back home that started this dialogue.

    Enjoy bits of information and conversations over the years. Whenever possible, we will put his thoughts online.

    Feb.16, 2016

    Oct 13, 2015

    John came to us on Oct 13th, 2015 in order to thank everyone for their well wishes on the 18th anniversary of his passing. He is happy that his memory is being kept alive and has these words to say about the love that’s been sent over to him from so many people:

    Excerpts from Nov. 2, 2014 conversation

    John talkes about how we are being lied to.

    Excerpts from Nov. 2, 2014 conversation

    John speaks of our personal greatness. 

    Excerpts from Nov. 2, 2014 conversation

    Closing remarks. Please note: as the energy winds down, the delivery of the message gets slower and weaker.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Readings

    1) How long is a spiritual reading?

    It depends on the energy available from the other side, the reader and the person getting the reading. Generally, 45 minutes is average.

    2) How long is a psychic reading?

    About one hour.

    3) What tools do you use when giving a psychic reading?

    Tarot – Angel Card Messages – Crystal Gazing – Dowsing

    4) How do I schedule a reading?

    Email Frances and ask her for a few date options, pay with PayPal, then call or skype Frances on the day and time of your reading. Remember to check for the time zone difference. Frances is on London time. 


    5) Can I ask to speak to whoever I want to in SpiritWorld?

    Frances will put the word out to Spirit Side that you are coming and ask for those that wish to speak to come forward at a particular time. There is no guarantee that someone you want to speak to will be available or capable of communicating. It takes a lot of energy and skill on their part to communicate. It will also depend on how they resonate with Frances’ energy.

    In Frances’ words: “There’s no guarantee that I can bring you what you want, that’s first off, because I can’t dictate to spirit what they should say to you. Spirit only comes to you because they want to come to you, they come to you because they love you. Just because they’ve left this earthly vibration and moved on doesn’t mean they don’t care for you – they still have your interest at heart. They’ve taken their emotional body with them, and their emotional body was tied to you in some way, so they still feel the emotion that comes from you, they still feel the sadness, the joy – all those kinds of emotions they will pick up on. So it’s natural if they see you in some form of despair here on earth – when they were here they would have wanted to help you in those situations and that doesn’t change. Now the thing that does change is that the way they can come across with this help for you, and I can’t intervene in that for you. I can’t say, well look, I’ve got Ann here and she wants to speak to Jim, for instance, and Ann wants Jim to tell her x,y,and z. Jim can pass a message to me that is either verbal, symbolic or a feeling which I can then relay to the Ann. But it is up to his ability to answer Ann’s questions in whatever way he is best able to. I do not add words, or analyze symbols for the client. This way the message is a clean and clear as possible. I believe each message should be authentic.”

    6) How are messages received?

    “How that works is that each sound, each word, has its own vibration and each sound is vibration. Now a person may have learnt how to play with certain vibrations to make them vibrate back to earth. You see their vibration has to link very closely to my own vibration, and if it doesn’t then I can’t pull that person. You could have a dozen different mediums standing in front of you, and maybe only one or two would be able to link into a certain person and their vibration. Each medium has their own vibration, everybody on this earth has a different vibration, it’s like having a signature, your own signature is unique to you. No two people have the same signature. No two people have exactly the same vibration.”

    7) Are you clairvoyant, or clairaudient?

    “I would say I am equally clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.

    I see spirit in a vague form if you like. Again, some spirits are stronger than others. Their vibration plays an important part here. If they are strong energy then they can look as clear to me as you look to me now. Other times they can be very shadowy. This is called clairvoyance.

    Spirit can also put a vibration onto my body. They’ll put a feeling onto me. That’s clairsentient. Very often if spirit can’t talk to me and tell me how they passed, they will put a feeling onto my body, for instance if someone passed from lung cancer from smoking or whatever, then spirit will put a feeling on to me of pain in the lungs, difficulty breathing. I also smell very strongly smoke when it comes through. That tells me straight away that this soul was a smoker. And the stronger I smell the smoke the more cigarettes this person smoked when they was upon this earth.

    And clairaudience is hearing them. You’re hearing the voices in through the right side, because that’s the side spirit works with, with your hearing. So the voices come in on the right side of the body, and sometimes it can be a little bit crackly, a little bit like a bad telephone line. Imagine picking up the phone and you’re ringing somewhere out of town, your own country, but you’ve got a bad line, it’s very crackly, or it sounds as if the voices are in a tunnel, and it’s echoy . It’s that kind of sound. If it’s a good vibration, a real strong vibration then it’s quite clear.”

    8) Why do some readings last longer than others?

    “It all depends on how much energy is available between the three people involved in the reading. You, me and the person in spirit.

    When working with spirit world, the voices of the client and the medium raise the vibration and help the discarnate spirit communicate with more strength, and with a stronger vibration of their own. So it is important that when having a reading the client engages in the conversation, say yes, or no, or making comments as this actually helps fuel the communication more.

    If you don’t get any feedback from the person getting the reading , all that you’ve got then are two vibrations. You’ve got mine and the world of spirit. Well, it’s not me they want to talk to, they are only working through me like a telephone operator, it’s you they’ve come to speak to, so your part in this is vitally important. It continues the circle. So, coming back to the vibration and how spirit can get these words across– now, if they can understand what you’re saying and they can feed on that information from you, i.e. from your vibration, they can work well with me, and they can get across to my vibration and I can hear them as clearly as I can hear you now talking to me. Clearly, although a little softer.”

    9) What about symbolism?

    If spiritworld can’t tell me what they want to say they will show me symbolism. Now symbolism can mean so many things to different people so this is where you play a part in this communication. If they show me something – it can mean one thing to me – it can mean something totally different to you. So I will bring you the symbol; I will tell you exactly what spirit is showing to me, and I would say to you – would you understand that? And they might just be trying to show you a symbol that means something so specific to you that that in itself gives the evidence that spirit is there. Now, just supposing you don’t understand that symbol, then I’ll come back and I’ll say to you – Ok, you don’t understand that symbol, it could mean this, because this is what it would mean to me and I would tell you what it meant to me. And then somehow we’d go back and we’d say to spirit, try something else, because your loved one doesn’t quite understand what you’re trying to say here. I would say to spirit – this is what it means to me – does it mean that? – and now it’s very easy then for spirit to either nod or shake a head here and I can see that.


    I would like to thank you for your help earlier this week, its been a very hard time for me and my family, and although I was nervous and more than a bit sceptical, not having been to someone like you before. You made me feel at ease straight away, and what you told me was known only to myself!!! I’m was amazed, thank you for guidance, I look forward to the next time!
     – Sue, Cheshire

    Never had a reading before, was dubious but need not have been! I was very pleasantly surprised, I came away wanting more!!! Thank you Frances really enjoyed it, and very helpful to me.
     – Paul, Cheshire

    Had a reading a year ago from Frances and felt so much peace after. It was so wonderful, thank you Frances from my heart.
     – Ann Sparacio

    My very first reading with Frances was so wonderful. She helped me connect with my spirit guides for the first time, and a dear friend who had passed. Most importantly, I was looking for guidance from Spirit about the direction my life needed to go in, and Frances was a beautiful channel that helped me find what I so terribly needed. Thank you so much Frances for the work you are doing.
     – Debi

    Frances has an amazing gift to communicate with those who have passed over to spirit world and each clients own soul. The guidance I have received from the spirit world is a treasured gift and beyond measure in helping me travel through some really difficult, traumatic, deeply emotional and physical times. The messages I have received in relation to both the past and future have been amazingly and wholly accurate. Frances connects to spirit at such a deep level and has brought through information I needed to make vital life saving decisions. The spirit guidance Frances channels has brought so much peace when I acted upon it. A few years ago Frances offered me a gift when she helped dear family member to pass over into spirit world, and without her help, I believe he would have been stuck earthbound. What a gift! Without Frances I’m not sure where I would be today and all I can offer is my heartfelt thanks. Having been to other Mediums before I met Frances, I know they don’t even remotely compare to the guidance, wisdom and accuracy offered by Frances. Once you have experienced a reading with Frances, you most certainly won’t seek a reading with any other medium.
     – David, UK

    Contact Information

    Frances K. Stockton

    Email:  franceskstockton@yahoo.co.uk
    Skype name: kathleen.stockton77

    Zoom: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/5311763700?pwd=ZmtGY1l2Q0xzRFNraGJjckNiVTlkQT09

    Mobile phone:
    Inside the UK: 07749094408 
    From the US: 011 44 7749094408 

    Landline phone:
    Inside the UK: 01606 259871
    From the US: 011 44 606 259871 


    Many thanks to Roger Johnston for graciously allowing us to display his amazing fractal art – “Hovering”.



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