Sue Winters

A short bio

If there was a song that would typify my life I guess it would be “On the Road Again”. From a very early age I travelled with my Air Force family and lived in Texas, Japan, New Mexico, Morocco, Germany and Washington State.  After high school graduation in Tacoma, WA, I spent half my college days at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon and the remainder in Seattle at the University of Washington.

With a degree in music (classical piano) I set out to make a living teaching piano, and accompanying choirs and soloists. To supplement that I also studied Veterinary Technology and spent the next 5 years as a surgical technician in California, Washington and British Columbia.

But a developing interest in the visual world, and photography led me to the Banff Centre of Fine Arts, in Alberta, Canada and in the process I decided to immigrate there. That two-year study in photography proved to be the foundation of my visual arts work. In British Columbia I was a freelance photographer, continued with musical endeavors, raised a family and engaged in several businesses which included running a full-color photographic lab, owning and running a health food store, and supporting our family’s commercial salmon boats.

In 1989 I returned to the U.S. and started a back-country photographic 4X4 touring company in Sedona, Arizona. For four years I taught photography, and blended the spiritual or “inner vision” concepts to the art. Soon the yearning for green grass and activities for my son, encouraged me to move us to Aspen, Colorado in 1993 where we both thrived in that vibrant cultural setting. Even to this day, it is our favorite place to be.

Aspen life included numerous musical performance opportunities for me, and a rich visual arts arena to work within. As a photographer for the Windstar Foundation Symposium, I was able to meet and photograph many dedicated global leaders.  The associations made there over the years have allowed me to further focus my web design on helping environmental non-profit groups with their web presence.

I now live in Santa Fe, travelling to Sedona, Aspen, and often to Denver to see family and continue to maintain websites for clients around the world.

Too much fun with these crazies!

Best dog ever. So hard to say goodbye…

Sitting in the pilot’s seat of the Space Shuttle training vehicle with my niece Ryan at NASA. 

A Visual Resumé


Teaching photography in Sedona.